Hi homebrew friends,

below you can find some of my homebrew stuff from the last years which made it to my website. Most of the projects are so called "let's see if it works"-projects of various topics.

I started my electronics hobby as kid connecting some bulbs with batteries (the good old 4.5 Volt batteries) and when I turned 16. I passed the ham radio exam. My call sign was DG1GFM and after moving to Switzerland couple of years ago it became HB9EFY.

Ham radio and electronics is 22 years later still only a hobby of mine. I'm a Biologist and the knowledge in ham radio and electronics is gained only autodidactic.

The latest projects are available in German and English. For the first few however only short summaries in English are available.

If you have any questions feel free to send me an email.


Archive (old projects 2007-2010)

You can download the PDFs of the projects by clicking on the images.
To enlarge the pictures and diagrams in the PDFs just click on them. The hyperlinks still work.

Time Manipulator
You want to travel through time but you lost your flux capacitor? Just use this 6 Watt VLF (77.5 Khz) DCF77 time signal transmitter.

Time manipulator

50 R Dummy Load
RF electronic load for measurement / adjustment of e.g. low power hf amplifier.

RF Dummy Load

Home made UV exposure unit
Say "NO" to skin cancer and modify your face tanner to a UV exposure unit.

Home made UV exposure unit