Double Balanced Mixer from RFprime

I found some RFMX-1 double balanced mixer on the Bay but could not find the datasheet nor the pinout for the mixer. Just the info below I could find after duckduckgo for a while.

Frequency: 1-600 Mhz
IF Freqency: DC-600
LO level: +7 dBm
Insertion loss: 6.5 dBm
Isolation LO/RF: 45 dBm

RFprime was acquired by Mini-Circuits in 1999. I contacted the US technical support of Mini-Circuits to ask if by any chance they still have this info.
A couple of days later I received a very kind email from the technical support (a licensed ham radio colleague). I was told that they tried to find it but unfortunately the information cannot be found anymore.
Well…, thinking of the cloud archive where I’m employed I can well understand this 😉
Anyway, a big Thank You to Mini-Circuits, the lady from the support who wrote back to me. Much appreciated.

Ok, so finally I did it the ham way and used my Proxxon and cut it open.

Thankfully RFprime has used colored wires.
So, I started the analysis with the assumption to call the blue pin the RF-port.

I came to the following result:

 LO:  8
 RF:  1
 IF:  3, 4 *
Ground:  2, 5, 6, 7 *
  *pins need to be connected

The pinout seems to be equal to the one of the SBL-1 mixer from Mini-Circuits.

73 de
Matthias, HB9EFY

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